Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Lucidol Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion (Airy)

Product: Lucidol Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion (Airy)

I use this before I curl my hair. It claims to "design without hard set, to create light and airy curls (for use before curling)".

What I like about it:

Unique product that is used before curling your hair. 

It works well to keep the curls and it has a very nice fruity-floral scent.

The spray nozzle works well and it is very easy to use.

I would say the ability to hold curl on its own is not as good as a hair spray but using it before the curls will help strenghten your hold without the curls being crunchy. I also use it as a sort of heat protectant although the bottle description does not state this function. Together with hair spray after curling my hair, works very well to maintain soft bouncy curls. Not sticky or heavy on your hair at all.

What I dislike about it:

May not be a necessity especially if you have a good hair spray. Also, unsure if it has heat protecting components as that is important to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron. To use this & a heat protectant would seem like too much hassle.  

But overall, it does help to hold curl and it has a very pleasant scent. Good to try if you want to have extra hold without weighing your hair down.

Available here and here!

Rating: 4/5

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