Monday, 12 November 2012

Review: SKINLITE Sheet Masks

Product: SKINLITE Sheet Masks

What I like about it:

I have tried almost all the masks in this line, royal jelly, green tea, cucumber, seaweed, brightening essence etc.

I really like these masks because they completely do not irritate my sensitive skin. I am usually extremely intolerant to all scented cosmetic products/ harsh chemicals.

The masks are cloth masks and there are a lot of tiny slits throughout the mask. I find that although it is a little clumsy to put on, you get a hang of it and you can get a good fit on your face.

*It is important for sheet masks to adhere to your face to maximize the effects

I leave it on for about 20 minutes and my face looks refreshed, brighter and more moisturized.

*Do not leave sheet masks for more than the stated time (usually 10-20minutes) as this will have the reverse effect of drying out your skin as the mask is dried out and the moisture from your skin goes back to the mask. Never ever sleep with your masks on (unless it's a sleeping mask; see Laniege Sleeping Mask) as it will break you out and dehydrate your skin!

As a bonus, there is also a lot of product in each mask so when I'm done with the 20 minutes, I rub the rest down my neck. 

TIP: Leave your sheet masks in your fridge, the coolness will tighten your pores and make the entire mask experience more relaxing :)

What I dislike about it:

Nothing phenomenal. But it does moisturize and it's very soothing on your skin. I find that the different 'flavours' (green tea, seaweed etc) don't have much of a difference to my skin, they are all pretty moisturizing. I don't see a particular distinction in their effects. However, I do think the royal jelly essence mask is especially moisturizing.

For the price, I am quite satisified. It is pretty cheap and I usually get mine when SASA has an offer!

I would recommend it for young adults for a quick pick me up without breaking the bank. 

Available on Amazon as well here~

Rating: 4/5

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