Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ulzzang Make Up Tutorial (Wonder Girls Sohee Inspired)

Today's make up is inspired by Wonder Girls Sohee for fashion label 8 seconds.

It features bold eyeliner, which is loved by korean celebrities & typical of ulzzang eye makeup and red lips. Paired with her blue & white striped outfit, the look is very nautical.


1) Eye Make Up: Bold Winged Eye Liner 

2) Face & Lips

Sohee has strong brows so fill them in.

Sohee has wonderful glowing skin so I added a shimmer highlighter on my cheekbones and on my nose bridge and a little on my forehead.

Finally, add red lips to complete the look. A good tip is to put matte skintone eyeshadow/concealer at the outer edge so that your lips are more defined and the red lips pop.

The final look! Hope you enjoy :)

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