Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit

Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit
Product: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit

What I like about it:

The two shades of concealer is a great idea.

The first one is a beige/salmon tone and the second is a white/yellow tone. I like to first use the salmon tone to counteract my undereye circles than go over with the white tone for brightness. I find that this conceals effectively.

The salmon tone is very moisturizing and the white tone is very brightening.
The compact packaging is ideal for travelling.

What I dislike about it:

The open packaging & use of fingers make this unhygienic in the long run.

While the coverage and concealing qualities (due to different shades especially & layered salmon + pale yellow) is good, does not last very long and I find that the concealer shifts easily. You have to be careful about applying other face products over it.

Overall, handy for the on the go and inexpensive.

Rating: 3/5