Friday, 20 May 2016

25 Lessons in 25 years

25 Life Lessons I Have Learned Over The Last 25 Years

  1.  Happiness is a choice
    - You can choose your actions and thoughts, a positive mindset makes the world of difference.
  2.  Be grateful
    - Be grateful for the little things (these little things are big things we take for granted #firstworldproblems)
  3.  Change is constant
    - Life works in mysterious ways but when one door closes, another opens.
  4.  Stop worrying so much and go with the flow
    - Things happen for a reason, trust in the universe.
  5.  Budget barbie
    -Keeping track and taking control of your finances at a young age is setting yourself up for success in the future.
  6.  Wear sunscreen, always
    -Another thing your future self will thank you for.
  7.  Nourish your body, mind and soul 
    - Your body is a temple,  be mindful of how you treat it.
  8.  Prioritize health
    - Physical & Mental.
  9.  Be kind to others, be kind to yourself
    - We learn from a young age to be kind to others, but we're often our own worst critic. Treat yourself gently, after all, we should be our own best advocate. #bodypositivity
  10.  You must love yourself first before you can love others
    - Know your self-worth.
  11.  You choose who you surround yourself with
    - Friends come and go, make the effort to keep in touch with those who matter.
  12.  Thank Mom & Dad
    - When you realize how much they've done for you.
  13.  Being an adult is whatever you want it to mean
    - Everyone is shitting their pants on the inside, imposter syndrome is normal.
  14.  Drop the labels
    - Don't let others define you, nobody's opinion matters more than your own.
  15.  Let go of jealousy
    - Just do you, boo.
  16.  Work hard
    - You rest you rust.
  17.  Enjoy the process
    - Life's a marathon not a race.
  18.  Accept failures
    - Success shouldn't be defined by binary outcomes, just try your best and enjoy the ride.
  19.   Empathize
    - Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you judge. 
  20.  Life-long learning 
    -It's never too late to start.
  21.  Do what feels right
    - Trust your gut.
  22.  Push yourself
    - We don't know who we are until we see what we can do.
  23.  Experiment
    - @Marieforleo says its A-Okay to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur. 
  24.  Travel
    -The world is your oyster.
  25.  You only have one life, make it count

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