Saturday, 22 July 2017

Review: Nature Republic Real Nature Hydrogel Mask

Product: Nature Republic Real Nature Hydrogel Mask

What I like about it:

I absolutely love the effects of hydrogel masks. They really make whatever product and essence sink into your skin.

I like Nature Republic's Honey mask for soothing and moisturizing and the Pomegranate mask for brightening.

Nature Republic is also a readily available and inexpensive Korean roadshop brand.

What I dislike about it:

While hydrogel masks are really effective for maximum absorption for your skin, they are quite finicky to use. Nature Republic's masks are two part, which makes it slightly easier to put on. One for the top part of your face and one for the bottom part.

Overall, I recommend anyone to try a hydrogel mask because it is so effective, especially for moisture. Available here (6 Pack) NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Hydrogel Mask Pomegranate 

Rating: 4/5