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Korean Masks 101 (Best Buys on Amazon!)

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Korean Masks 101 

Korean skincare is amazing. Korean women are famed for their wonderful skin, in part due to their rigorous skin care regime and the social emphasis on taking care of your skin.

I love Korean skincare and have been a long-time user of Korean products. Korean skincare is affordable, innovative and the variety is amazing. That being said, the wide variety can also make it correspondingly difficult to navigate the thousands of products.

The cornerstone of Korean skincare is their ubiquitous sheet mask ranges. Sheet masks are used by Korean women a few times weekly, and there is a sheet mask for each and every skincare problem! Here are some of my favourite sheet masks:  

Apart from the usual sheet masks (some of my favourites here and here), hydrogel masks are an upgrade and makes an amazing difference in how the serum is absorbed into your skin. Some of my top picks from Nature Republic (review here) and Polatam (review here).

Korean Masks are also notorious for special and innovative ingredients such as Bee Venom (an amazing anti-aging mask to consider here) and Snail essence (which is wonderful for hydrating, good options here) and also more common (and effective) ingredients like Honey and Rose Water.

Another wonderful thing about Korean skincare is that there are always natural lines available, popular lines include Innisfree and The Saem Also, for my sensitive-skin gals, I absolutely love Aloe Vera gel as a mask, and I use it for everything from soothing sunburns to soothing hives and allergies. A great aloe vera gel I recommend from Nature Republic here

Ampoule masks are also highly recommended for those seeking an extra oomph to their sheet masks. Ampoules are the equivalent of serums and they pack a punch. A popular favourite is from the brand Mediheal and available here & here.

No post can be complete without the famed Sleeping Masks. Sleeping masks kill two birds with stone, offering lazy girls like myself an option to enhance your skin while sleeping. Highly-reviewed options include Laneige and I also enjoy the Collagen line from Etude House.

In addition, a good clay mask is always handy to have around, for oily T-zones or to keep break-outs at bay (Missha’s version here) and cult favourite from Innisfree here.  

Masks are amazing and can be a wonderful boost to your skincare regime. Happy masking everyone! ❤❤💗

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