Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Best Inexpensive Brushes

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There is an overwhelming number and brands of makeup brushes available. I have 4 picks for my favourite brushes from the drugstore.

ELF Studio Professional Brushes

You just can’t beat ELF at their price point, and the Studio Pro line is especially value for money as they deliver amazing quality for the price. My favourite is the PRO powder brush, which is actually an amazing foundation and blush brush as well. The bristles are compact and very soft.

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My first set of brushes were from Ecotools and I continue to use them until today. The distinctive bamboo look is really lovely and the brushes are well-made and designed. I really enjoy their eyeshadow brushes and would recommend their Starter kit. 


Zoeva is a fairly newer brand but the quality is just impeccable. Their brushes rival those of any luxury brand any day and they have an amazing rose gold set.

Real Techniques
Real Techniques is very popular on Youtube since their founders, Nic & Sam have a huge following on there. Their brushes are amazing quality and affordably priced and their version of the Beauty Blender (the Real Techniques Sponge) is also making waves in the beauty world. 

The good folks at have actually created a brush guide and personally tested out different brands to see which have come out top! If you are curious, check out their detailed guide here!

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