Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Review: Primark False Eyelashes

Product: Primark Beauty Natural Look Lashes with Adhesive

Primark Natural Look False Eyelashes

What I like about it:

Very light and comfortable on the eye! (I did trim them a little to fit my eyes better, but I do that with most lashes to make them more comfortable. Lashes on the inner corner of the eye usually irritate me and is prone to come off.)

Looks very natural as it claims and in photos you just look like you have long thick lashes.

Suitable for day time wear.

Able to re-use as well. 

What I dislike about it:

Although it is great that the lashes come with glue, it is not the best quality but if you don't particularly have sensitive eyelids, it should work fine.

Overall, an amazing value for money product. For only 1 pound, it is really worth the money and an excellent product! Will definitely try the other kinds soon :)

Edit: Recently purchased the "Sultry Look Lashes" and I love them!! They have more length than the natural look ones but the lashes are less dark & stiff, making them more natural looking. Only quip is the band is much more flexible/weak and thus probably can't get that many uses out of it.

Primark Sultry Look False Eyelashes

Rating: 5/5

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