Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How to: Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo (For Dark Hair)

Most people know that washing your hair every day can be damaging especially if you have long hair/colour-treated hair.

Many turn to Dry Shampoo to prolong hair wash but commercially available spray can ones can be expensive and contain unwanted chemicals.

I love baby powder as a substitute! It effectively soaks up the excess oil on your scalp and is safe & natural & very inexpensive!!

A common complaint is the white/greyish residue that baby powder can leave on your hair. But personally, even using on my dark hair, I haven't experienced this problem from my way of using it!

How I use it:

I use it on 2nd/3rd day hair, whenever I feel that my scalp is a bit oily, I sprinkle a little on targeted zones and then using my dry fingers, rub it into my scalp. This step is important as I think rubbing it in really helps to prevent any white residue.

By only using it when you feel your scalp is oily & target spotting, the powder will absorb the oil and there is no white residue.

I have seen some people say to comb it out after you apply the baby powder. I don't do this and I suspect this may be why they feel their hair has a grey tint. I only use it on my scalp and also I find that the bottom half of your hair is usually dryer anyway, so it's good to just leave the natural oils in. 

One tip is to use baby powder at night, so that by the time you wake up, it should all be absorbed!

You could also tint your baby powder if you really find the tint a problem. But thus far, I find that rubbing it into your scalp in targeted areas does the trick!

The only con is that commercial aerosal can spray dry shampoo can provide volume and can be used even when your hair is clean.My favourite is Batiste's dry shampoo.

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