Friday, 26 July 2013

Beauty DIY: Lotion Mask by Chizu Saeki [SIMPLIFIED!]

I stumbled upon this video, which introduces a simple 3 minute skincare tip called the 'Lotion Mask' by Japanese skincare expert Chizu Saeki.

As you can see from the video, she soaks special cotton pads with lotion, splits them and adjusts them according so they cover the entire the face.

My initial thoughts were that this is a cool idea and seems to give you great results with only 3 minutes. However, Chizu Saeki's method requires special cotton pads and quite a lot of effort, so I didn't bother.

However, I saw a simplied version of the 'lotion mask' on a Taiwanese beauty talk show 女人我最大 and I tried it and am very pleased with this simplified version.


1. Put a thick moisturizer/lotion all over your face.

2. Soak cotton pads with clean purified water. You want the cotton pads damp but not soaking.

3. Split the wet cotton pad in half and pull it to enlarge it.

4. Place them all over your face.

**Watch the video if you aren't clear about the splitting & enlarging part. 


I used normal cotton pads and they work fine. I split one cotton pad into two. (You can split more if the type of cotton pad you use is thicker).

Definitely use clean purified water as this is going on your face.

Try to be gentle when splitting the wet cotton pads but don't panic if you tear it/ don't get it perfect, just cover your face as best as you can with the split & enlarged cotton pads. 

You basically want a thin layer of cotton on your face. 

From 女人我最大, the experts explained it as kind of 'forcing' the moisture in your face, like how a sheet mask works but this method is quicker & inexpensive. 

Don't leave the mask on for too long, 3 minutes is ideal, as reverse osmosis may occur if the cotton pads dry up and leave your skin drier. 


Glowy, mosturized skin. The coolness from the cotton mask also helps to calm down the skin. 

Hope this helps! :D

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