Saturday, 31 March 2018

Review: Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Toner With Vitamin C+

Product: Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Toner With Vitamin C+ 

Intensive Whitening Toner is formulated with latest whitening technologies, V6-Laseryl and Clair Blanche-II, which can effectively act on different steps of melanin synthesis process, especially at the source of melanogenesis by blocking the composition of tyrosinase.

What I like about it:

This is a really cool skincare line from Taiwan. I really like its roots as a dermatologist based skincare line, and that its catered for sensitive skin.

Vitamin C is an excellent product for brightening and anti-aging but it can be difficult to incorporate into a stable skincare product.

Dr Wu's whitening toner is more of a gel. The instructions state to use it in circular motions all over your face, morning and night.

I like the gel / slightly-sticky texture. This makes for a very unique toner, that is not just balancing your skin but also hydrating.

It works very well to exfoliate my skin and does have an overall brightening effect. At the same time, it's not too sensitizing for my skin.

What I dislike about it:

There may be a slight breakout period as the toner is quite potent.

Overall, effective skincare at an affordable price point. Toner available here.

Dr Wu's line is very popular, and the star product is the intensive renewal serum with mandelic acid.

Rating: 5/5